“The solution screens and re-screens our records on a daily basis to ensure total compliance. We are very satisfied with Visual Compliance’s ability to handle a large volume of screenings and return the results right away.”


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Men in Black: International is almost here, and it got us thinking about how our favorite secret organization governing extraterrestrial activity on Earth is actually an exemplary model for export compliance. https://t.co/xbabw5FO8x

While end use/user compliance can have an impact on the sales process, it can also be viewed as a litmus test. https://t.co/CUSiPvlGWs

With Avengers: Endgame breaking box office records, we revisit a previous article about the export control implications of some members of the original team. And wonder among ourselves just how many export control laws Captain Marvel violates. https://t.co/1fqf1rOWCE #Endgame

Visual Compliance Research Edition + Descartes were the top Diamond sponsors at this week’s AUECO conference in San Diego, California. One of the high points was a reception at the USS Midway attended by more than 200 conference participants! #AUECO


In the wake of OFAC announcing sanctions against Turkish businessman Evren Kayakiran for Iran-related violations, a reminder to be extra diligent when it comes to doing business in sanctions-adjacent countries. https://t.co/gz5gSDe0lV

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