“The solution screens and re-screens our records on a daily basis to ensure total compliance. We are very satisfied with Visual Compliance’s ability to handle a large volume of screenings and return the results right away.”


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Where companies fall on the export compliance spectrum is often overlooked during the M&A due diligence process. #Exportcompliance #Corporateduediligence #Exportcontrols https://t.co/MEhg2W31qI

The U.S. Government does not mess around when it comes to willful export violations. #ZTE https://t.co/GnrGBCbTxR

Think a deemed export violation won't result in financial penalties? #Deemedexports #Violations #Exportcompliance


The potential for a deemed export violation aside, do you really want to invite a denied party onto your premises? #DeemedExports #ExportCompliance https://t.co/RTinFYlpFQ

When in doubt, the safest option is to screen! #RestrictedPartiesScreening #DeniedParties #OFACScreening https://t.co/F6yZA5dHiP

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