Export Compliance

Mastering the Export Compliance Mountain

Export compliance professionals may sometimes feel as though they are staring up at some grand mountain, a monolithic wall of tasks that may seem insurmountable.

At the base of that mountain is the first leg; the tedious and time-consuming task that is restricted party screening, aka denied party screening.  Export compliance officers face the mountain every day.  Sometimes they look for shortcuts; other times they need an extra helping hand.  If the Mountain is too daunting – they might well wish the mountain had a lift.

Why not build one?

Integration of databases, websites, or sales systems to restricted party screening is the great lift of Compliance Mountain.  Need some reasons to take the lift?

Time is moneyAs the old adage goes, each hour wasted on data entry by an export compliance professional is money that you are spending to have a highly skilled professional input data (or to copy-and-paste the day away).  The time saved in restricted party screening might allow the export team to focus on other tasks, clear other potential roadblocks, and avoid costly delays when shipping.

If you want something done well…  A great advantage of integration is that a computer always follows instructions to the number.  The export compliance person with an integrated restricted party screening system can do it all themselves, from choosing how searches are done to vetting potential matches, never having to worry about human error in their screening process.

Investing is not gambling.  We all worry about investments paying off, and like mutual funds, investing in integration is going to pay off over the long term.  The investment in technical and financial resources need not be daunting, and the gain can be grand.  Implementation might be your only guaranteed investment of the year.

No pain? No Gain. Perfect! Why take the climb manually?  Export compliance professionals don’t gain from the exercise of repeated manual restricted party screening, they gain from the ability to focus on real export issues.  Integration skips the basic and allows export compliance professionals move directly to advanced functions of their positions.

We should all learn to take the stairs and stay healthy in our workplace, but when it comes to climbing the export mountain; take a shortcut – ride the integration ski lift and watch Compliance Mountain vanish behind you.