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NAFTA and Other Trade Agreements

NAFTA and other Free/Preferential Trade Agreements

Using NAFTA & FTAs to lower or eliminate your import duty

Lowering or eliminating your customs duties and exemptions from MPF fees is a smart business strategy. Whether your focus is on import NAFTAs, solicitation, key data storage or certificate generation, our online system can be tailored to cost-effectively suit your particular FTA needs.
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Simple to Activate & Economical NAFTA/FTA System

Our easy to use and economical FTA solution was designed to help you keep your import duty costs low while reducing the cost of internal/external resources needed for a recurring manual and time-consuming practice of getting vendor certificates. Simplifying your overall import solicitation, response tracking, and data conversion process is the goal, and our FTA Management system follows suit. And because it's an online system, you need no IT resources to get started. more +

It's Essential to Control your Free Trade Participation Costs

As with most benefits, there are costs to participating in free trade programs like NAFTA. Costs in the form of human resources (yours or a consultants) to execute and manage the grueling workload, coordination, and integration involved. As well as undertaking the due diligence processes necessary to comply with the complex legal requirements. more +

Penalties for Non-Compliance undermine Free Trade Benefits

Manually creating, updating, storing, and searching for Free Trade certificates, as well as maintaining a constantly changing, complex Bill of Materials, is time consuming and error prone. So, too, is ensuring the certificates you accept can withstand government scrutiny, and are applied consistently and appropriately, otherwise your company is at risk for substantive retroactive duties and expensive penalties, and your management is at risk for contravening Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX). more +

As enabling agents, expert, streamlining automation technologies help companies cost-effectively enjoy the bottom line rewards by making it easier to fully realize all the benefits, overcome serious resource challenges, improve and integrate processes, manage compliance obligations, and mitigate compliance risk.

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