NAFTA qualified goods are exempt from U.S. Customs merchandise processing fees (MPF).

Certified Chinese origin goods have duty rates 2 — 4 times lower than non-certified goods.

Benefits of North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and other FTAs

Using NAFTA and FTAs to lower or eliminate your import duty

An economical NAFTA/FTA system that can be implemented in days

Visual NAFTA,  our web-based NAFTA and FTA software solution is designed to help you lower customs duties by helping you fulfill NAFTA and FTA certificate creation, solicitation, distribution, and tracking obligations. Centralize all your NAFTA and free trade agreement management into one system, and securely share your data company-wide.

It’s Essential to Control your Free Trade Participation Costs

Penalties for Non-Compliance undermine Free Trade Benefits

As enabling agents, expert, streamlining automation technologies help companies cost-effectively enjoy the bottom line rewards by making it easier to fully realize all the benefits, overcome serious resource challenges, improve and integrate processes, manage compliance obligations, and mitigate compliance risk.

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