Export Compliance Best Practices

Export compliance is about entities, goods, and processes.

There are multiple Federal departments, laws and regulations concerned with personal and corporate liability for export violations. While these can be separated into two categories or classes, screening for restricted/denied parties is essential to both: more +

General export compliance program elements

A good export compliance program ensures and proves that your business is not transacting business with terrorists and terrorist organizations, drug traffickers, human rights violators, regimes producing weapons of mass destruction, and other restricted parties. And that you aren't supplying controlled goods and technologies to companies themselves restricted, denied, sanctioned or blocked.

Experts in the export compliance field typically incorporate six elements when building compliance programs. more +

ITAR compliance program guidelines

Comprehensive operational compliance programs include manuals that articulate the processes to be followed in implementing the company program. There are a number of important elements of effective manuals and programs. more +

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